Toys for pet water turtles

Best turtle toys for pet turtles

Looking for best turtle toys for pet turtles ? To create a good habitat for turtles at home, you must carefully recreate the natural setting in which turtles thrive while they are out in the wild. However, do pet turtles have the same need to play with toys as other types of pets, such as dogs or cats?

If you notice that your turtle is trying to alter its aquascape or digging things up on purpose, this behavior is a sign that the animal is likely bored and in need of something to play with. When turtles begin to scratch at their own skin, this is another indication that they may want some kind of amusement.

Keeping this in mind, the purpose of this post is to guide you through the process of selecting the best turtle toys for pet turtles

Let’s have a look at the essentials that should be included in the habitat of your turtle if you want it to be a happy and healthy home for your pet.

Toys for pet water turtles 2022

We have taken care to only include in this list the games and best turtle toys for pet turtles. We checked to make sure that the turtles and their aquarium are not harmed by any of the things that I tested.

#1 Zoo Med Laboratories Floating Turtle Feeder

Zoo Med Laboratories Floating Turtle Feeder

The Zoo Med Floating Turtle Feeder is without a doubt an example of an intriguing creation.

This toy for turtles is shaped like a fish, has a few holes on the sides, and is hollow on the inside so that it may be played with like one.

Once your pet begins pursuing the feeder around the tank, the holes’ function is to gently release the food so that it may be consumed by the turtle.

Turtles are notorious for watching anything that moves in their enclosure with intense interest on the off chance that they could find something tasty to eat.

There is no way that the toy feeder will go overlooked at any point in time.

Because the feeder is constructed of solid plastic, there is no danger of it breaking even if your pet turtle toys with it or bites it when attempting to get its food out of the feeder.

In any case, in addition to the turtle, you will also get two little packets of floating pellets with this toy.

According to this school of thinking, you are free to utilize whatever kind of food you see appropriate, provided as it is buoyant.

However, keep in mind that the size of the pellet determines whether or not the holes in the toy feeder are appropriate for the food; depending on the size of the pellet, the holes may either be too tiny or too large.

You will most likely need to experiment with pellets of several sizes before settling on the optimal one.

In addition, the Zoo Med toy feeder is far bigger than it seems in the photographs; hence, if your turtles are young or on the smaller side, this may not be the ideal option for them.

In any case, this item is a fantastic habitat enrichment that will help you store the food for your pet in an one location, so assisting you in maintaining a clean turtle tank.

Your water turtle will be kept physically active while having fun “searching” for its food thanks to the toy feeder that you have purchased for it, which is another advantage of this item.

#2 Shooter Marbles

Best Toys for pet water turtles

Shooter Marbles

The Mega Marbles are an additional entertaining toy option for keeping your aquatic turtle entertained and keeping it active physically.

This assortment of marbles includes 24 individual pieces, each of which has a diameter of one inch and is available in a variety of color combinations.

It appears that, for some inexplicable reason, our turtle pets like playing with them just as much as we do.

We are unable to explain why they are drawn to such marble balls; whether it is the color, or perhaps it is the ease with which they can move those marble balls about their tank.

#3 Rubber Practice Golf Balls

Rubber Practice Golf Balls

When it comes to toys for turtles, rubber golf balls are another excellent option that may be used instead of marbles.

Even though they are less dense than the traditional golf ball, the ones I’m going to discuss here are nevertheless sturdy since they are constructed from thick rubber.

You don’t need to worry about your aquatic turtle being wounded when it’s chasing after those creatures.

They are all the same size, so if you want to provide some additional stimulation for your pet turtles in addition to the standard white hue, you have the option of selecting from a few other colors in addition to white.

Musk and box turtles would also benefit greatly from playing with rubber golf balls as a toy.

You may take advantage of the little holes in these practice golf balls by stuffing them with some edible delicacies. The balls feature a hole in each of the four corners.

You may try stuffing the balls with earthworms or any other kind of live turtle food.

It’s possible that the level of excitement that this game may reach for your pet turtle will entertain you.


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