Best toys for dogs that like to chase squirrels UK

Looking for best toys for dogs that like to chase squirrels  ? Is there anything more difficult for a dog to do than to maintain a “stay” as a squirrel races up a tree in front of them? We’ve encountered a number of dogs that, upon spotting a squirrel, get into a frenzy, barking, leaping, and shivering with excitement at the prospect of following after that annoyingly small creature everywhere they go. If given the opportunity, we are confident that the vast majority of dogs will climb a cedar tree in pursuit of a squirrel. The majority of dogs, however, do not make hunting squirrels a regular part of their lives, and we have a strong suspicion that the rodents would like it that way. This is when a quality dog toy in the form of a squirrel comes in handy.

Best toys for dogs that like to chase squirrels can be an acceptable replacement for actual squirrels in the event that your dog is feeling a little down about not being able to play with them. These are the greatest squirrel dog toys that we’ve seen that are presently available on the market. Whether you want them to appear realistic, fly high, or just give your friend something to gnaw on, we’ve got you covered.


Best toys for dogs that like to chase squirrels UK

#1 Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel


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Dog squirrel toys that double as puzzles are an excellent choice for the intelligent pooch in your household. This stuffed plush log can have squeaking forest squirrels placed inside of it, and your dog will be able to pull or shake them out. Because it is available in four sizes, ranging from “junior” to “ginormous,” it can accommodate canine companions of varying sizes.

#2 Chuckit! Flying Squirrel


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Even if it does not have the appearance of a toy squirrel, your dog will find that it behaves and flies just like one. The spinning flyer is comparable to a frisbee and provides for an enjoyable game of fetch; however, critics have mentioned that it takes some skill to get it to fly well.

Your pet will have an easier time picking this up than a frisbee because of the raised and padded edges, and the bright color will ensure that you do not misplace it. Even in the dark, it emits a shine!

#3 Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Treat

Best toys for dogs that like to chase squirrels

Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Treat

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This amusing toy squirrel may be found in three various sizes, and it rolls and bounces as it is played with. You can fill it with kibble or treats to give your dog something to work toward and it works excellent for dogs that are aggressive chewers.

#4 ZippyPaws Zingy No Stuffing Squeaky

ZippyPaws Zingy No Stuffing Squeaky


This cartoony squirrel is a lovely compromise that you can make with your dog if you both enjoy not having stuffing all over the place and your dog enjoys soft toys. It has three squeakers and is in a size that makes it suitable for any doggo, so it may be a good snuggle partner or a toy for playing fetch.

#5 Sancho & Lola’s Squirrel Dog Toy with Squeaker

Sancho & Lola’s Squirrel Dog Toy with Squeaker


When you have a dog who is crazy with squirrels, this stuffed toy version is the next best thing to having a real squirrel. The plush material has a realistic appearance with a squeaker that is sure to get your dog’s interest. It is ideal for dogs that are light to moderate chewers, and it is recommended that you use it while keeping an eye on your pet.

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