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Best puppy food UK 2023

What do vets recommend as the best puppy food?

Looking for the best puppy food UK ? So, you’ve decided to welcome a new member into the family. You’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that your home has everything you could possibly want, including puppy pads and toys to gnaw on. First things first: before you start playing with and snuggling your adorable new puppy, you’ll want to give some thought to what kind of puppy food you should be obtaining for them. Find out all you need to know about the top puppy foods right here!

The consumption of food is a vital component of the routine of every canine. Even more so, the food you provide your puppy plays a crucial role in assisting it with its growth.

You don’t need to seek any farther since we have located the finest puppy food on the market right here. Whether you’re looking for something with a high meat content, food that concentrates on vitamins and supplements, or you can’t decide between dry and wet puppy chow, we have what you’re looking for.

Do I need separate food for puppies?

Your dog, just like people when they are very young, goes through stages of growth that are aided by having a diet that is tailored to suit those stages. For this reason, you should consider purchasing puppy chow that is designed exclusively for your canine companion.

Your dog’s stomach will be pleased and they will be stronger if you feed them puppy food since it contains calcium and protein, two essential elements for healthy growth. Your dog’s lifestyle and general health can benefit from a puppy meal that is both balanced and comprehensive.

How long should I feed puppy food for?

It is highly suggested that you purchase food specifically formulated for pups up to the time that they reach the age of one year. After six months of consuming puppy chow, some owners transition their canine companion’s diet to that of an adult. Because not all dog breeds reach adulthood at the same time, you will need to conduct some research before weaning your young dog off of puppy food.

Best puppy food UK 2023


#1 Lily’s Kitchen 

Lily's Kitchen

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Do you desire extra bite for your bark? Because Lily’s Kitchen dog food is devoid of so-called “fillers” and is noted for having a high percentage of meat as its primary ingredient, you can be assured that your canine companion will receive adequate nutrition from it. On Pets at Home, you can get five of them for the price of four.

#2 Royal Canin Mini Puppy Food 4kg

Royal Canin Mini Puppy Food 4kg


This Royal Canin puppy chow is formulated with small breeds in mind, so it’s a good choice if you have a very little dog. Your puppy’s teeth are still growing, so feeding him dry dog food can help keep them clean.

#3 AVA Veterinary Approved 

Best puppy food UK 

AVA Veterinary Approved

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The AVA puppy chow is a fantastic option for those who are looking for something reliable and comes highly recommended by vets. This dish is ideal for those with sensitive stomachs since it contains Imutiva, proteins that are simple to digest, and a recipe that is allergen-free.

#4 James Wellbeloved Complete Dry Puppy Food

James Wellbeloved Complete Dry Puppy Food

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This James Wellbeloved puppy chow is naturally hypoallergenic and has a combination of nutritional fibers, which makes it beneficial for the digestive health of your canine companion. This is a high-quality puppy food that doesn’t skimp on the nutrients and comes at an affordable price.

#5 Sainsbury’s Complete Nutrition – Best puppy food UK 

Sainsbury's Complete Nutrition Puppy Food

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Sainsbury’s provides a deal that’s worth checking into if you want an affordable choice that’s also convenient to find in local grocers. It’s a comprehensive dish that every dog may eat and love, and it comes with a range of meats that you can feed to your pet.

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