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Best cat toys for blind cats UK

Finding the best cat toys for blind cats will like playing with requires a bit more ingenuity than searching for toys for a cat that can see. Products that stimulate blind cats’ senses of hearing and scent are essential for the well-being of these animals. Cats rely quite significantly on their sense of smell to navigate the environment and communicate with other cats and other animals. A blind cat is still able to play, have fun, and enjoy life; the only difference is that they have to do these things in a slightly different way. The following are some evaluations of the finest best cat toys for blind cats for 2022, taking into consideration the various factors that go into ensuring the health and happiness of your blind cat. These make use of the various senses that your cat possesses and take into account the requirements necessary for them to maintain their health.

Best cat toys for blind cats UK 2022


#1 Bergan Catnip Hurricane Cat Toy

Bergan Catnip Hurricane Cat Toy


Because it stimulates many senses and provides cerebral stimulation for your cat, the Bergan Catnip Hurricane Cat Toy was selected as the best cat toys for blind cats in 2002 by our team of experts. The toy is laced with catnip, which will excite your cat’s sense of smell, and the balls, which travel around the toy’s tracks and produce noise as they do so, are also included. You are going to be astounded by how simple it is for your cat to “catch” the balls.

You won’t have to worry about your cat losing one of the balls when they play with the Hurricane Cat Toy since it features tracks that can hold both of the balls at once. In addition, the toy does not move around easily since it has rubber feet attached to the underside of it. The scent of the catnip fades with time, which is a drawback, and the centerpiece cannot be removed so that additional catnip may not be added.

#2 SunGrow Kitty Crinkle Balls

Best cat toys for blind cats UK

SunGrow Kitty Crinkle Balls


Toys that make a lot of noise are one of the easiest and most straightforward solutions for blind cats, and the SunGrow Kitty Crinkle Balls are affordable alternatives. They are available in multiple-packs and are, in terms of value, the greatest toys that money can buy for blind cats. The idea is straightforward, given that most cats like playing with and chasing after balls. Because they are wrapped in crinkly foil, these ones make it possible for animals who are blind to follow the sounds and chase after them.

Due to the fact that these balls are on the smaller side, you shouldn’t be too astonished if you discover them scattered about the house. It’s possible that you’ll need to dig them out from behind the furniture on a frequent basis. If your cat plays with them in a very rough manner, at some point in time they will be destroyed. However, they may be easily and cheaply replaced in the event that this occurs.

#3 Cat’s Meow Motorized Chaser Cat Toy


Cat’s Meow Motorized Chaser Cat Toy


The Cat’s Meow Motorized Chaser Cat Toy is our top pick for the best cat toys for blind cats. This is an electrical toy that can be interacted with. Because they are able to stalk the “prey” that is hiding underneath a mat, it satisfies the innate predatory impulses that cats are born with. You can use it on any floor surface, and it emits a sound as it travels, so your cat will be able to track the movements even if it is far away. Because it is connected, it will never go missing (but shh, don’t tell your cat that). When you are ready to call a halt to the fun, all you have to do is switch off the motion. The fact that your cat can scratch without damaging the toy means that it can serve as an outlet for the cat’s pent-up energy.

Both the cost and the electrical nature of the Cat’s Meow Chaser Toy are detracting features of this product. In order for it to function, you will need three C batteries, which are not included with the toy. Unfortunately, due to the short lifespan of these cells, you will need to purchase a significant quantity of new batteries in order to keep it functioning.

#3 Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy


The Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy features three layers of rolling balls that are layered over one another. This toy, like many others on this list, is an all-in-one toy that contains all of the balls inside its structure. Cats are able to paw and bat at the balls while they spin and rotate thanks to the non-skid bottom of the toy, which prevents it from sliding across the floor. Blind cats sometimes have difficulty playing with toys that simulate prey because they hunt their prey, but they end up losing it because there is no scent or sound. This toy does not move around and emits a sound that may be tracked in a straightforward manner.

This toy doesn’t need batteries since it relies on your cat to keep the balls spinning in the right direction. If your cat has difficulties getting started, this is a fantastic opportunity to play with them by moving the balls to grab their attention. If your kitty has trouble getting started, this is a great time to play with them. The plaything is not only lightweight but also portable, making it simple to transport it to any area in the house.

It is possible that your cat will destroy this toy if they like to sleep on top of their “prey” and play with it. Because it is composed of plastic and was not intended to handle a significant amount of weight, there have been reports of it breaking when used by huge cats.

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