Enrichment toys for dogs UK 2022

Investing in quality puzzle toys is the best way to entertain your dog. Some toys can perfectly stimulate the mind of a pet and entertain him, as well as develop a personality in your dog. Puzzles help reduce pet stress and anxiety.Enrichment toys for dogs was created to train your dog’s brain and provide endless learning opportunities.

In we always try to choose the best toys for dogs. In this article we will discuss the best enrichment toys for dogs uk that both you and your pet will like.

Buying Advice for Dog Puzzle Toys

Enrichment toys for dogs are very different from toys of other categories. The fact is that they are not intended for chewing and chasing, but solely for training and concentration. Given this fact, you should choose toys that would suit your dog in terms of sorzhnochst. Otherwise, your dog will be disappointed and bored. In a word, when choosing these toys, you need to be careful

Best enrichment toys for dogs UK 2022


#1 KONG Gyro

 KONG Gyro

Enrichment toys for dogs UK Gyro is a fairly simple in level, but well-thought-out dispenser of treats from the world-famous dog company KONG. If you have just started to introduce your pet to puzzles, then Gyro will be a great option, since it does not require more strategies.

The blue central sphere has a hole for releasing treats when your dog touches it and rotates it. The smaller the treat, the easier it is to leave a delicious trail when your dog will drive it across the kitchen floor. You can also make the toy more challenging for the dog by adding larger treats to the toy. The metering hole has a size of about 2 sm.

There is also a red outer ring that slows down the dispenser and prevents it from sliding under your cabinets. Since the inner blue ball is transparent, you can easily determine whether the toy is empty or not.


+ Simple puzzle

+ Dispenses treats

+ Two sizes available

+ Easy to clean

+ Great value enrichment toy


– Limited challenge

– Not suitable for power chewers

#2 Dog Snuffle Mat

Best Enrichment toys for dogs UK 2022

Reasons to Buy + Simple puzzle + Dispenses treats + Two sizes available + Easy to clean + Great value enrichment toy Reasons to Avoid - Limited challenge - Not suitable for power chewers

All dogs have an instinct for hunting and foraging. Hunting for food preserves the physical health of the dog and stimulates his mental activity. Smelling mats are an innovation, but quite useful toys. They use strips of fabric that stimulate natural skills in finding food.

There is a wide selection of smelling mats on the market, but we recommend the IFOYO mat to you. These mats allow your dog to hone his sense of smell and slow down the eating process. The IFOYO mat differs in that it is the most durable and bright option. It has several layers of fabric, which allows you to hide the delicacy easily. We would also like to note that the toy comes with 2 straps for attaching to a chair or a stool leg, which will prevent sliding on the floor.


+ Great value

+ Simple puzzle

+ Machine washable


– Quick to solve

– Not suitable for wet treats

Dog toys for when you’re not home

#3 Bob-A-Lot Dog Puzzle

Durable enrichment toys for dogs UK 2022

Bob-A-Lot Dog Puzzle

Starmark has been a leader in pet training for many years, offering excellent interactive toys that are designed by experts.

The toy is easy to set up, you just need to fill the top with a treat or or, if your pet eats pellets, you can put all her food inside. You can adjust the opening to facilitate or hinder the release of food.

The toy is quite heavy and durable. As soon as your dog pushes it with his nose, the toy will throw away the treat. The toy is especially suitable for chewing dogs.

Bob-A-Loc Dog Puzzle does not understand when cleaning, so we recommend using harder and crisper treats that will leave less crumbs inside.

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