Best toys for pet mice 2022

Looking for best toys for pet mice ? Because mice are inquisitive and active animals who like playing, running, and climbing, it is necessary to offer them with a variety of activities to keep them stimulated. Interactive toys like exercise wheels, tunnels, bridges, hideouts, and chew toys may spice up the life of your pet mice.

The exercise wheel is our top pick for the best toy for mice because it is just the right size for mice (unlike bigger wheels for rats, guinea pigs, and other small pets) and it is lightweight enough just to make it easy for mice to use. Plus, it’s exactly as quiet as stated. Goods that satisfy your mouse’s urge to hide, nest, forage, and chew are some of our other choices. These best toys for pet micecontain a variety of various types of stimulation for your pet.

Best toys for pet mice 2022

#1 Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner

Best toys for pet mice

The Silent Runner Small Animal Exercise Wheel from Exotic Nutrition is an excellent method to fulfill your mouse’s desire for strenuous physical exercise and is a terrific purchase. Despite the fact that there are lot of workout wheels available for purchase, we’ve discovered that the Silent Runner is especially well-suited for the usage of mice, particularly its 9-inch wheel that is designated as the “Small” size. It weighs so little that even the youngest mice will have no trouble using it.

Due to the use of a design that incorporates two ball bearings, the Silent Runner is able to perform its functions in a very quiet manner, living up to the expectations set by its brand name. In addition, it does not have a central axle, which makes it less likely that mice would get entangled or trapped when they are playing with it.

This wheel has dimensions of 10 inches by 9 inches by 3.75 inches and has a surface that is textured, making it simple for mice to run on without sliding. Because it comes with a stand as well as a bracket for connecting it directly to the cage, the Silent Runner may be used in your mouse enclosure in a variety of different ways. In addition to this, the Silent Runner gives you many options for how you can use it.

#2 Niteangel Natural Wooden Tunnel Tube Toy

Niteangel Natural Wooden Tunnel Tube Toy

Mice are typically inquisitive critters who like exploring crevices and narrow gaps in their environment. With the help of the Niteangel Natural Wooden Tunnel Tube Toy, you will be able to satisfy your mice’s innate sense of curiosity without being concerned about them escaping. This natural wood tube has dimensions of 7.9 by 2.8 by 2.8 inches, and it enables your mice to freely go through the nine distinct holes that have been bored throughout the log. You may create an interactive game by stuffing the tube with goodies, or you can watch as your mice utilize the bedding to build a hidden lair for themselves. It is also an excellent chew toy that may assist in the maintenance of constantly developing teeth due to the fact that it is created entirely out of natural wood.

The proprietors of the Niteangel Tunnel claim that it offers hours of entertainment and helps foster the natural digging instincts of tiny animals. The entrance is about one and a half inches wide, making it easy for most tiny mice to enter and exit, but bigger rodents may find it difficult to get through.

#3 Ware Flying Saucer Small

Attractive best toys for pet mice

Ware Flying Saucer Small

Another fantastic tool for motivating your mice to run, play, and burn off extra energy is the Ware Flying Saucer Small Animal Exercise Wheel. This wheel is designed specifically for rodents. This quiet wheel is in the form of a saucer, and it has a fairly smooth surface as well as a quiet plastic hub. Because it is visible from above or the side of their habitat, you will be able to watch your mouse go across it. This wheel is completely safe for tails and hair, as well as exceedingly simple to wash, thanks to the fact that it has a flat surface. It is available in small, medium, and big sizes, however the majority of mice should use the medium one.


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