Toys for rabbits pets at home

It’s a complete myth when they say that rabbits are stupid and obedient pets. Like any other pets, rabbits also have their own character and emotional intelligence. Rabbits, like other pets, need physical exercise and mental stimulation to feel happy and healthy.

In this article we want to offer you 10 toys for rabbits pets at home that will be your pet’s favorite toys and will not let him get bored. The presented toys use the rabbit’s natural instincts, such as: chewing, digging, foraging, hiding, jumping. There is everything for any character here.

Best toys for rabbits pets at home 2022


#1 Oxbow Enriched Life

Best chew toy for rabbits

Best chew toy for rabbits


The chewing process is very important for rabbits to maintain the health of their constantly growing teeth, as well as not to get bored. The rabbit’s back teeth are usually maintained by proper nutrition. But these chewing toys that are made of branches, untreated wood help to control the front teeth.

Oxbow Enriched Life is like a chewing buffet for a rabbit. The toy combines a range of the safest materials, which are reinforced with a woven mat made of seaweed. The toy contains a mixture of untreated pine, untreated guger wood, sisal, rattan, reed, corn leaves, loofah and raffia paper, which line the two hanging threads of the toy. Insert its wooden pegs between the bars of the kennel or exercise pen so that the game wall is securely fixed and easily accessible.

#2 Niteangel Small Animal Activity

Best rabbit balls

Best rabbit balls

These high-quality balls are quite light and made of the most natural materials, such as Willow and sea grass. Similar toys for rabbits pets at home well satisfy your rabbit’s desire to play and chew. The most playful rabbits will push and roll balls for fun. You can also fill these loose weave balls with grass or hay, this will encourage healthy chewing.

The peculiarity of these balls is that they are made of different natural materials, such as seaweed, water hyacinth and rattan, and each of them has its own aroma and texture. Each of the Niteangel balls is smaller than an ounce and very light to roll and toss. These toys for rabbits pets at home are safe, as they do not contain glue, plasmas or metal materials that can cause diseases in a rabbit.

#3 Oxbow Timothy Club Hide & Seek Small Pet Mat, Large

Best rabbit foraging mat

Best rabbit foraging mat

Just as puzzle boards made of plastic and wood control mental stimulation well, so these feeding mats provide rabbits with anological enrichment, which are made of natural materials. The ideal feeding mat does not just hide food pellets or treats in its fibers, these fibers should also be edible.

One of the main tasks of the Oxbow mat is to provide pleasure to the rabbit from finding food. The Oxbow rug is made of timothy bunches, which are tied to a flat woven rug. You can easily put delicious snacks between these walls, which are up to 3 inches high. The mat will give pleasure to your rabbit without snacks, from chewing. There are no chemicals, rope or glue in the mat.

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