Best toys for dogs that like to lick UK

Looking best toys for dogs that like to lick ? Dog lick mats are one of the most popular puzzle-style feeding toys on the market, and it’s easy to understand why. They’re often viewed as useful toys for dogs that like to lick for dealing with boredom, anxiety, and even tooth health. However, their popularity has resulted in a plethora of designs and forms, making it difficult to choose which lick mat is ideal for your specific pet.

We’ve picked up the finest lick mats for dogs in a variety of designs and described what they’re useful for to help you choose a winner.

Which Dog Lick Mat Should You Get?

Dog lick mats come in a variety of forms and sizes these days, providing cerebral stimulation for canines as well as a much-needed break for pet owners. Depending on your and your dog’s requirements, they may be utilized in a number of situations. As an example:

Is this the first time you’ve used a lick mat? Choose a flat pad with a basic pattern and feel to make the transition easier and more enjoyable for your pooch.

What do you intend to put in your lick mat ? If it’s thick and sticky (like peanut butter), a mat is an excellent choice. Consider a bowl-style feeder or one with a protected tray if it’s a bit messy, or if you’re attempting to put a wet- or fresh-food entrée in one.

Do you need maximum distraction? Try a close-textured lick mat that will be more difficult for your pooch to work through.

Do you need a solution for bath time or nail trimming? Try a suction-cup lick pad that adheres to the wall and won’t become wet or sudsy, and your dog will remain in the best grooming or bathing posture.

Do you want to encourage people to eat more slowly? Choose a lick mat with a variety of parts to keep them engaged. To truly slow things down, place your dinner on top of the pad and freeze it. Just make sure your lick mat can go in the freezer!


Best toys for dogs that like to lick UK

#1 Hyper Pet Lick Mat 

Best Lick Mat for Anxiety

 Hyper Pet Lick Mat


This “calm-style” lick mat from Hyper Pet, with its tighter design, presents more of a challenge for your dog, eventually helping to distract them from fearful situations and encourages licking, a habit some have recognized as self-soothing. Several Rover test puppies utilize our Hyper Pet pad to alleviate anxiety caused by situations like as thunderstorms and guests.

This eight-inch square mat is constructed of food-grade rubber, cleans up fast in the sink (or dishwasher), and stores simply when not in use. You may also freeze it to help the spread last longer, or heat it in the microwave if your pet prefers warm treats.

While it’s gripping, it lacks suction cups on the bottom, so pet owners with particularly enthusiastic lickers should look for a mat that connects to the floor.

#2 Wobble Slow Feeder from LickiMat

Wobble Slow Feeder from LickiMat


If you are looking for Best toys for dogs that like to lick then this is a great option. Need a longer-lasting lick mat? This bowl-style choice combines the fun of a puzzle toy with the difficulty of a lick mat. Dogs have to work a bit harder to acquire all of the delights inside since it doesn’t sit flat. Multiple reviews have noticed that it adds at least 30 minutes to dinner, and the bowl shape is ideal for chunkier items.

It also has the advantage of being versatile; you can make it simpler (and more stationary) by turning it inside out and setting it up like a dome—a better option for spreadable goodies and dogs that aren’t ready for the challenge of a wobbling feeder.

#3 Neater Pets Neat-LIK Pad & Tray

Best toys for dogs that like to lick

Neater Pets Neat-LIK Pad & Tray


This Neat-Lik pad comes with a protective tray that goes along the outer to safeguard your pooch from creating a mess all over your floor if your pup’s excitement can’t be contained to the perimeter of the mat. It also serves as an extra layer of protection against your dog chewing on it or dragging it about the home, making it a fantastic option for power chewers and bowl shakers.

Key characteristics include:

  • The tray has two grab tabs for simple removal.
  • Dishwasher safe on top rack
  • TPE that is both food-safe and non-toxic, as well as recyclable

#4 Aquapaw Suction Cup Lick Pad

 Aquapaw Suction Cup Lick Pad


The suction cup on the back of this Aquapaw lick pad for dogs allows you to use it on vertical surfaces such as shower walls and vehicle windows. As a Rover test pup found, it comes in helpful during grooming or bath time since it keeps a dog on their feet and focused elsewhere while you work.

The silicone-molded treater has a recessed core packed with nubs. Despite its diminutive size, it nevertheless gives a solid challenge. And we appreciate how this one may be utilized to aid with a pup’s bath-time fear or even vet visits.

Key characteristics include:

  • Suction cups are located on each corner of a triangle.
  • 100% FDA-approved silicone
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Aquapaw shower sprayer/scrubber.

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