Best toys for visually impaired dogs UK

Loking foor best toys for visually impaired dogs UK ? Dogs like playing. Some people are fetch maniacs, while others like a good wrestling. But what about your visually impaired dog?

She enjoys playing as much as the next dog, but she won’t be able to play fetch safely and may be too quickly startled for a rough-and-tumble wrestling bout.

Having saying that, there are lots of imaginative toys for visually impaired dogs and activities available to satisfy your blind pup’s demand for entertainment.

The Advantages of Playing with Your Blind Dog

Playing with your dog may benefit both of you:

  • Increase your self-assurance. Playing with your dog helps to boost his confidence and teaches him that the world is a pleasant and safe place. This is particularly crucial for blind dogs, who are frequently more timid than their sighted counterparts.
  • Make your relationship stronger. Playing with your dog helps to enhance your bond. Collaborative activities like as tug and training-based sports such as Rally Obedience are very effective in teaching you and your dog to work together.
  • Reduce boredom. Playtime is, without a doubt, the highlight of many dogs’ days. A nice game of fetch may help keep your dog happy and healthy.
  • Instruct students on impulse management. Structured playtime teaches your dog when and how to play, as well as when to “switch off.” You’ll have more tricks up your sleeve to keep your dog engaged in training if you utilize playtime as a reward for excellent behavior!
  • Teach bite inhibition. Many games include canine teeth in close proximity to human hands. Playing these activities with your dog will teach her to regulate her mouth near your hands, keeping everyone safe and happy!

Don’t be disheartened if your blind dog is more reluctant to play than other dogs you know. It’s likely that she hasn’t learnt to play since many toys are designed for dogs with eyes! That is why it is important to select the finest best toys for visually impaired dogs.

What You Should Look for in Blind Dog Toys

Blind dogs benefit greatly from noisy toys. Because blind dogs depend on their other senses to navigate the environment, it's a good idea to search for toys that are enjoyable because of how they sound rather than how they seem! Toys that generate longer sounds when pressed rather than a squeak can aid your dog in finding them during seeking activities.

There are no two canines alike. That implies that not all blind dogs will be interested in the same things. Blind dogs, on the other hand, are more prone to depend on their senses of smell and hearing than the normal dog. Fortunately for you, dogs rely on those senses much more significantly than us primates.

If your dog is just partly blind, it is best to avoid toys with flashing lights. Dogs with poor eyesight are more likely to get fascinated on lights, and flashing toys only foster this undesirable tendency.

When selecting the ideal toys for visually impaired dogs, there are a few factors to consider.

Blind dogs benefit greatly from noisy toys. Because blind dogs depend on their other senses to navigate the environment, it’s a good idea to search for toys that are enjoyable because of how they sound rather than how they seem! Toys that generate longer sounds when pressed rather than a squeak can aid your dog in finding them during seeking activities.

Caution! Some blind dogs are very sensitive to sounds and may find noisy toys frightening. If you know your blind dog is sensitive to noise, you should avoid these toys or choose ones that generate lower noises, such as crinkle toys.

Blind dogs like treat dispensing toys. Most dogs like toys that provide treats. Why would they not? However, puzzle toys and interactive toys for visually impaired dogs are particularly beneficial for blind dogs, who may need an additional push to enjoy playing as much as their sighted counterparts! Furthermore, including some smelly goodies will ensure that your dog can readily locate and play with the treat-dispensing toys.

Smelly toys encourage blind dogs to play harder. There are some extremely amazing scented toys on the market. These toys, which may smell like vanilla or lavender, can keep your dog entertained for a longer period of time. Using your blind dog’s enhanced sense of scent can keep her engaged for even longer.

While blind dogs may like any dog toy, some characteristics are particularly appealing to a blind dog. If your dog is a hesitant participant, start by searching for toys that fit one or more of these criteria.


Best toys for visually impaired dogs UK 2023


#1 MultiPet Deedle Dudes Mouse That Sings

MultiPet Deedle Dudes Mouse That Sings


It’s a nice soft toy with a unique feature: it sings. When pressed, this highly rated sound toy plays a charming tune, keeping your blind dog engaged for longer than a standard squeaky toy.


  • Body is made of plush. Many of the loud toys on the market are made of hard rubber or plastic, which protects the sound box. Many dogs, though, prefer to gnaw on soft plush toys. Plus, as they bounce about, they won’t irritate your downstairs neighbor as much!
  • There are several shapes. This product is available in mouse, cow, monkey, rabbit, shark, and more variations. The variety of adorable shapes will keep you and your dog amused!
  • Bounce-proof. Customers remarked that, unlike other singing toys, this toy held up nicely when throwing and bouncing. Because it’s a plushie toy, don’t expect it to withstand excessive chewing any better than your ordinary teddy bear! Still, it should last a long time for most dogs.

Pros: This toy keeps dogs amused and may be used as a regular teddy bear if the sound box fails. It also holds up remarkably well to biting, and several consumers stated that the singing toy lasted at least a few months.

Cons: The sound box does not have a battery and will expire after prolonged usage. Some consumers were also dissatisfied with the variation across toys. One user claimed to have many, with the toys lasting anywhere from a few days to four months. Users, on the other hand, stated that their dogs enjoyed the toy so much that they continued purchasing more. If you’re easily irritated by repeated singing, this toy may drive you insane.

#2 Hartz Dura Play Ball

 Hartz Dura Play Ball


What would you like your tennis ball to smell like if you were a dog? You’re on the right road if you said bacon.

The Dura Play Ball is a safe rubber ball that smells like bacon and has none of the abrasiveness of a tennis ball. The aroma will assist your blind dog in locating the toy if it rolls away and will keep her engaged for a longer period of time!


  • Floats on the water. Even if your blind dog isn’t fond of water, it’s wonderful to have a toy that’s simple to clean and won’t end up in the local ditch. Users praised how simple it was to clean this ball!
  • Soft and pliable. This is particularly critical for older dogs, pups, and dogs that chew on their balls. Tennis balls are constructed of a gritty rubber under the felt that is harmful to teeth. This toy is suitable for chewers as well as their pearly whites!
  • Inside is a squeaker. You read it correctly. This ball has a squeaker inside, smells like bacon, and is safe for teeth. What more could you possibly want in a toy?

Pros: Because of its flexible rubber, this toy is suitable for moderate chewers. The ridges down the side cause it to bounce in irregular ways, making it much more difficult for your dog. Plus, the delectable bacon fragrance will aid your blind dog in locating it!

Cons: Some consumers discovered that their mega-chewers were able to swiftly demolish the toy. If your dog is renowned for dissecting toys to get to the squeakers, she would most likely do the same with this toy. Other users struggled to find the right size ball that wasn’t a choking danger while still fitting in their dog’s mouth!

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