Why does my kitten climb on my shoulder ?

Why does my kitten climb on my shoulder ? There are a number of fascinating things that cats can do. And when kids accomplish these amazing things, we frequently express the desire that they will continue to do them. One of those amazing things to have happen is for cats to climb up onto people’s shoulders. However, it’s clear that not all cats behave in this manner.

So, Why does my kitten climb on my shoulder ?

Hey, Look at ME!

If you believe that you have a special acrobatic cat in your home that is superior to all of the other kitties in the land, you may be mistaken, and we are sorry for the disappointment. Numerous cats like to ride atop their owners’ shoulders because doing so allows them to obtain the one thing they want most: complete and undivided attention. If you acknowledge and reward your cat for engaging in such behavior and give them the attention that they so desperately need, it is probable that they will continue to perch on your shoulder on a frequent basis.

Cats who are able to perch on people’s shoulders often have a high level of agility and athleticism. It is unlikely that you will come across a chonky cat leaping more than 1.5 meters into the air only for the purpose of getting your attention. They will instead make a loud meowing sound. You know, over there, next to the dish of food…

Take me to Great Heights

Take me to Great Heights

The perspective of the world below is quite appealing to cats. Some of the most infamous cat breeds for climbing on things are the Abyssinian cats and Maine Coons. If your cat enjoys perching on your shoulder, it is likely because they are satisfied with the level of protection that you give for them and also enjoy the way that it feels to be up there. If you let your cat climb up on your shoulders and are able to walk around with them while they are doing it, then they must really like the view from up here. If you let your cat to do this, then they must really enjoy the view from up here.

Affectionate on Their Terms

Cats will show affection in the manner and at the times that best suit them. And not all cats are lap cats. However, we are willing to wager that the cats who enjoy sitting on people’s shoulders are not the sort of felines who are interested in sleeping in your lap. Cats are very selective in how and when they show their owners affection. If you have a cat that enjoys sitting on your shoulders, you should view this behavior as a genuine demonstration of their devotion for you. Be careful with those sharp claws, kitten…

There are cats who have been taught to jump on shoulders, and there are other cats that seem to have an innate ability to do this behavior on their own. Whatever the circumstances may be, keep in mind that the decision of whether or not you want to support this kind of conduct rests entirely with you. If you don’t mind, then by all means, go ahead and do it. You can’t give in to your cat’s requests if the behavior is becoming a nuisance in your life and then expect the cat to react by not attempting to jump on you. You can’t have it both ways. Cats are creatures of habit, and if you let them get into the habit of doing something, it will be difficult to get them out of it later.

If you’ve seen that your feline friend spends a lot of time atop things, you might want to consider purchasing a lovely perch for them to use inside the house. This will help to stimulate their thinking, and the fact that they will have something of their own high to climb up on while you are gone will thrill them!

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