Best cat toys for older cats UK

Looking for cat toys for older cats UK ? Even while it’s part of the excitement of getting a new pet to try to get your adult cat to play with stuffed mice and feather wands, it’s important to remember that even senior cats still take pleasure in a good game. Even though your senior cat is probably sleeping more these days, there’s no need to stop playing with them completely. Because they do not involve a lot of running and leaping, the best toys for senior cats are easy on older cats who have restricted mobility. Additionally, these best cat toys for older cats come in a wide range of designs, allowing you to select one that will pique your cat’s interest.

Cat toys for older cats UK 2022

Even for senior cats, it’s important for their emotional and physical well-being for them to have enough of exercise and playing.  And playing with the correct assortment of toys may help older cats maintain their mental acuity, physical activity, and overall happiness far into their senior years.

The most important thing is to look for toys that are the appropriate size, shape, and consistency for your cat’s teeth, are devoid of anything that can give your cat a stomachache, and are gentle enough so that your cat won’t damage itself when playing with them. If at all feasible, it is important to keep toys kept inside a contained space while keeping them soft.

#1 SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp

The Best Hunting Toy

The Best Hunting Toy


Toy mice and birds are pretty much essential components of every cat’s collection; however, the synth sounds toys offered by SmartyKat are certain to capture the interest of your senior cat. This small chickadee is triggered by a delicate touch, in addition to having an exceptionally soft texture and being readily chewable. The toy will provide your senior cat with hours of enjoyment with very little effort on its part once it starts chirping the moment it receives even the lightest touch from your cat. The stuffing is produced entirely from post-consumer recycled materials, and in addition to that, it comes with a little bag that can be removed that contains organic catnip.

#2 Petstages Donut Catnip Crinkle

Best cat toys for older cats UK

Petstages Donut Catnip Crinkle


These donut toys seem to be the only ones that can keep the interest of the elderly cat long enough for him to participate in play. They are squishy, have catnip inside of them, and create a crinkly sound, all of which are things that my cat finds attractive. The donut toys are sold in packages of three, and in addition to that, you have the option of purchasing them in a range of different designs, such as stars, an avocado, or strawberries.

#3 Petstages Chase Meowtain

Cool cat toys for older cats UK

Petstages Chase Meowtain Interactive 4-Tier


If you toss a ping pong ball down a corridor, you can be sure that any cat that is in the vicinity will rush past you in order to get to it. Even while senior cats like interacting with balls just as much as younger cats, far to much activity might cause feline arthritis or aching muscles. The good news is that this track tower toy is ideal for cats that like playing chase even if they are unable to do it as well as they once could.

Your older cat may still play to his heart’s content without moving an inch thanks to the four-level track and the multicolored plastic balls that are housed inside the rings. Because it is constructed out of durable polymers, it will not show any signs of wear and tear even after being scratched and bitten by sharp teeth and claws. Your cat will be fine playing with this toy on his own while you are gone since it does not include any little bits or other potential choking dangers, and it also has a safety bar at the top that will guard his paws.

#4 Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center

best toys for senior cats

Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center,


Catit’s wellness spa is particularly intended to let cats groom all over without all the stooping and reaching, so it’s the perfect place to take your elderly cat for a pampering session. Your cat’s head, neck, face, and body may all benefit from the many massage techniques and grooming products that are available at the spa. For example, there is a silicone brush designed specifically for your cat’s head and neck located at the very top.

In addition, there are undulating ridges on the sides for reaching areas of the shoulders that are difficult to get. In addition, it goes without saying that a soft sleeping mat and a little catnip gateway are essential components of any first-rate cat spa. If, on the other hand, your feline friend isn’t really interested in catnip, you could always put some snacks in the portal for the utmost in pampered treatment.

#5 Cat Kitten Teaser Wand Toys

Cat Kitten Teaser Wand Toys


Wands are a favorite toy for cats of all ages; however, many of them are constructed with jagged ribbons or fabric, which can hurt the sensitive gums of older cats. The teaser mouse wand sold by Earthtone Solutions is made of organic sisal and does not include any colours that are known to irritate the stomach. These toys are extremely pliable and won’t cause any discomfort to your cat’s teeth or gums. In addition, they are offered in a practical package of three, which enables you to readily replace them as necessary in the event that the fabric sustains any damage. In addition to this, the length of the elastic rope is 16 inches, making it the ideal length for playing with your cat without overexerting them.

#6 PAWZ Road Cat Tunnel

PAWZ Road Cat Tunnel


Every cat, including mine, like the coziness of little spaces, but older cats have a tendency to choose areas that are softer and more comfortable. They also have a propensity to sleep closer to the ground than younger cats do, which is another reason why this floor tunnel is ideal for concealing yourself and sleeping in. It is crafted out of faux fur material and features two “peek holes” that allow your cat to relax comfortably while still keeping an eye on what is going on in the outside world. The tunnel is roomy, and it may be linked to other tunnels to make a challenging maze for the cat. Additionally, there is a hanging ball at the entrance for the cat to bat at. The fact that the whole thing can be folded up into a smaller size when it’s not being used is the nicest feature.


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