Best toys for dogs that like to chew wood UK

Looking for best toys for dogs that like to chew wood UK ? Does your dog like to gnaw on tree bark or branches? Or maybe your dog is more destructive and bites your wooden fence or your furniture.

A dog toy made of wood might be just what your dog needs.

These toys are made to look, feel, and taste like wood, but they are safer and won’t break as easily.

We only wanted to answer one question:

What are the toys for dogs that like to chew wood?

Need to know? Continue reading.

Toys for dogs that like to chew wood UK


#1 Petstages Dogwood Wood

Petstages Dogwood Wood



What is a wooden dog toy, and does your dog need one?

The main purpose of wooden dog toys is to be chew toys, and the same rules apply:

  • You should only give your dog toys when you are there to watch.
  • Your dog shouldn’t be able to swallow the wood toy.
  • If they get small enough to be swallowed, throw them away.
  • Even though they are called “wooden,” most dog toys are not made of 100% wood.

So, to make a safer stick, makers put wood and man-made materials together. The result is a wooden toy that doesn’t break apart when you chew on it and is safe to do so.

And now that I’ve looked back, I have to say that I’m amazed at how far manufacturing has come. A lot of these toys for dogs that like to chew wood look, feel, and smell like real wood.

The best thing about wooden chew toys is that they have a clear advantage. They can be chewed inside, so you don’t have to worry about bringing bark chips or bugs inside.

Now, you may be wondering:

Why should I buy my dog a toy made of wood? Outside, there are lots of free sticks and branches.

Good question. There are a few reasons why you should reconsider allowing your dog to play with the stick that he discovered in the park before you give in and give him permission to do so.

To begin, you have no idea where the stick has been before you picked it up. It may be putrid, it might include germs that might make your dog ill, it might conceal unpleasant pests, or it might even be worse…

It is possible that the branch came from a tree that contains toxins that are harmful to dogs. There are several different kinds of trees that may be harmful to dogs, including walnut, black cherry, and yew. Consuming them might lead to gastrointestinal distress as well as respiratory difficulties.

When your dog chews on wood, the wood might break up into splinters, which can be dangerous for both of you. If your dog swallows any of these spikes, they might cause him serious harm or perhaps get lodged in his mouth.

It’s unfortunate that your dog doesn’t understand how potentially harmful these splinters might be. No matter how jagged the ends of the twigs and branches get, he will continue to chew on them.

Even wood that is just laying around the house is something that should be avoided around dogs. Insecticides and chemicals that preserve the wood’s natural integrity are applied to fence posts, while paint and sealants are used on wooden furniture. It’s probably not something you want your dog to get into his mouth, right?

As you can see, if you let your dog chew on any old piece of wood, the cost of your veterinary care might skyrocket.

In light of this, a lot of pet parents let their dogs chew on sticks without any kind of negative consequences. If this describes you in any way, then I’m not sure you’ll find a whole lot of value in purchasing something that you can already receive for free.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to take any chances, a dog toy made of wood is an excellent substitute.

Best toys for dogs that like to chew wood UK

#2 Petstages Dogwood Wood

Best For Aggressive Chewers

Petstages Dogwood Wood


Check out the Dogwood if you’re seeking for a long-lasting wooden toy that can stand up to your dog’s intense chewing. Once again, Petstages proved that they are the undisputed industry leaders when it comes to the production of wooden dog toys.

In order to manufacture this alternative to sticks, Petstages has, once again, made use of a mixture of sawdust and polypropylene.

If you look attentively, you’ll be able to make out the tiny sawdust particles that are compacted within…

Petstages has done an excellent job of making this toy seem like a genuine hardwood stick, even more so than the rough wood, despite the Dogwood being made from a polypropylene composite.

A stick aroma permeates the whole thing.

The Original Dogwood is the kind of earthy scent you’d associate with a fallen tree you found on a hike.

A Mesquite version of the Dogwood is also on offer. Rather of smelling like wood, this one reminded me of a barbecue. Our canine reviewers didn’t seem to mind which one they used, as both were joyfully gnawed on.

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