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Best diy cat toys for shelters UK

Looking for best diy cat toys for shelters ?  You may keep a small bit of money in your pocket, avoid throwing away something you could otherwise have, and make your cat very happy. These easy-to-make cat toys will keep your feline friend entertained for hours.

You have to give an animal some credit for being resourceful if it can fashion a toy out of an empty cardboard box. Or a bag. Or just a regular ol’ ball of yarn. Cat owners, whether or not they are aware of it, are always trying to demonstrate to their felines that they, too, are capable of creating something out of thin air. We have compiled a list of 5 best diy cat toys for sheltersthat are sure to keep your feline friend entertained, not to mention that they will help you save a little bit of money and maybe repurpose something that you would have otherwise thrown away.

If you give one of these handcrafted cat toys to your feline friend, we guarantee that they will start to wonder what other wonderful things animals with two legs like you are capable of doing.

Best diy cat toys for shelters UK

#1 Toilet paper roll toys

Toilet paper roll toys

As shown by Papaya Wonton, a simple toilet paper roll can provide a cat with countless hours of entertainment, making it one of the most straightforward Do-It-Yourself cat toys available. As an alternative, if you are feeling really inventive, you might spruce up a toilet paper roll by tucking some sweets inside and folding the sides, as is recommended in the article Staying Close to Home.

#2 Feather fascinator

For this feathery toy from Dream a Little Bigger, which, as its name implies, will fully fascinate your feline friend until he or she just isn’t anymore, you will need loose craft feathers, mesh braids, string and needle, elastic, and a small plastic ring. If you want to make this toy, you will also need a small plastic ring (because: cats). After you have completed gathering the braids into a cluster using stitches, attach feathers to the ends of each individual braid. You should use some elastic to bind all of your mesh tubes together, but you should leave a long length hanging from it. At the very end, tie a ring.

#3 Ultimate kitty puzzle

Best diy cat toys for shelters  2022

Ultimate kitty puzzle

To make a fun and engaging toy for your feline friend, combine their two favorite things—toilet paper rolls and cardboard boxes—into one. However, this is not your average cat toy. You can make something that looks like a pinball machine for cats by using some pipe cleaners, a cardboard egg carton, and a few balls. Arnica Jolene, whose parents are the ones who came up with the idea, is a pinball whiz with whiskers.

#4 Cat scratch door hanger

Okay, if you have no idea what we are talking about when I say “meter box and saw,” then you can go on to number 5. This cat scratch door hanger is the ideal DIY project for you to take on if you adore Chip Gaines’s craftsmanship but only want to tackle a little portion of it. Follow the suggestions in the Design Sponge guidelines to cut your wood, and then use wood glue to adhere the pieces together. Put some sisal rope around it, secure it with hot glue (keep in mind that sisal rope is quite difficult for cats to resist), and then embellish it with the string of your choice. Make some holes in the location where you will tie a leather cord and hang it using a drill.

#5 Tree stump scratch pad

Tree stump scratch pad

This scratching post, which features a design that would make Paul Bunyan pleased, will let you bring the outdoors inside. Using transparent tape, attach your rolled-up cardboard (which should be three and a half inches thick) into a circle-like shape, as seen in this video on YouTube. You may use glue to adhere cork to the outside to make it appear like bark, or you can do what Sussie and Kich did and use actual bark, wood glue, and rope to tie it around. The end product is a stump with a weathered appearance that your cat will love to crouch on, especially if you sprinkle some catnip on it.

#6 Cardboard catscraper

Best diy cat toys for shelters

Styled like a tower constructed for kittens This “catscraper” from Shelterness is made from stacked cardboard, and it is something that your cat will undoubtedly want to use to keep their claws in tip-top shape. Building a base that is extremely stable and placing a dowel that is similarly stable in the middle of the structure is the best way to ensure that it remains vertical. Place one piece of precisely cut cardboard on top of the other until you get the form of the tower you want. In this context, the maxim “the taller, the better” applies.

#7 Wiggle wand toy

You are going to need some leather and cord thread, a wire cutter, pliers, a dowel, some superglue, a bell, and some felt in order to build it (for the faux feathers). It is possible that Pudge slept off while constructing this toy, but that in no way reflects how much fun it is to actually play with it.


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