Dog toys for the toughest chewers

Strong dog toys for chewers UK

It doesn’t matter if you have a Labrador capable of tearing rubber toys with one bite or a small dachshund that tears toys. And that’s why you need dog toys for the toughest chewers on the market.

Dog toys for the toughest chewers

#1 Goughnuts MaXX

Strong dog toys for chewers uk


For some dogs, chewing toys last only a few minutes, after which they become unusable. It is logical that the harder the toy is, the longer it will last. For these reasons, pets are given such things as: horns, hooves, bones, nylon chewing gum and toys made of hard plastic. These durable products are often offered to dogs that quickly tear up other chewing toys. There is only one problem…

According to the expert, such hard toys can be very dangerous for a dog. Namely, they can cause damage when swallowed and even break a tooth. All this can cost you dearly. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid such hard and unsafe toys.

However, the Goughnuts line of rubber chewing toys are excellent examples of safe toys. This line has rubber toys for both small dogs and large ones. For example, for large ones, we recommend switching to a 2.5-inch thick Gough Nuts Buster with a weight of 2 pounds.. These rubber rings are designed for large breeds.

He prefers the small one by far.

It is very important to determine the size here. If you buy too big and heavy, then your dog will not be interested in it. The same can be said about the small size.

Another advantage of Doughnuts chewing toys is that an indicator is hidden in the middle of these toys. If suddenly your pet breaks the ring, then you will need to send this toy back to Doughnuts and you will be given a completely new ring

#2 West Paw Jive

Best dog toys for the toughest chewers

#2 West Paw Jive 

Even the most rude and aggressive dogs like to play apport and. The most recommended version of the ball for this game is a rubber one. Rubber balls are the most stable and easy to wear.

West Paw Jive – has a great advantage over its competitors. These balls are especially popular among German avchroks and pit bulls. The ball is made of dense Zogoflex material. As mentioned before, the ball is quite long enough to attract a dog and is resistant to destructive games.

It is easy to notice that the ball is not round, but has small notches. This allows the ball to bounce in a random direction when falling, which will make the chase for the dog exciting. Despite the fact that this ball is heavier than a tennis ball, it floats. West Paw Jive balls are also available in large and small sizes.

West Paw Jive 

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