Cat toys for self play

Cat toys for when they are alone

Looking for cat toys for when you are at work ? Like humans, cats also do not like to stay at home alone without doing anything. But we all have things to do, obviously we can’t be around them all day. Therefore, in this article we want to list the best cat toys for self play. Cats spend 80 percent of their time hunting for food. Despite the fact that domestic cats do not do this, it does not mean that they do not have this instinct. For this reason, they must somehow carry out these actions in order to be happy.

Best cat toys for self play

#1 Potaroma Flopping Fish

Potaroma Flopping Fish

The fear of water is not a hindrance for your cat to engage in fishing. The Flopping Fish toy comes to life as soon as the cat touches it and this happens thanks to the built-in motion sensor and starts jumping. What’s also good is that the toy has a small pocket where you can pour catnip to motivate the cat.

#2 Frisco Colorful Springs

Frisco Colorful Springs

It doesn’t matter that the toy has batteries to keep your cat entertained. These bright and elastic springs will entertain the cat while she chases them around the living room. The advantage of these toys is that if the cat loses one, there will be 9 more to play with.

#3 One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Best Cat toys for self play

One Fast Cat Exercise WheelThis toy is especially suitable for those cats that are energetic. The toy will allow the cat to train well and stay happy. The wheel allows the pet to walk and run as he wants. The toy is especially good if you live in a small apartment in which there is not enough space for your cat to run.

#4 Cat toys for self play – Petstages Tower of Tracks

Petstages Tower of Tracks

This toy tower has 3 tracks and three balls, which allows the cat to beat and chase colorful balls until it gets tired. The non-slip base holds the toy in place (no matter how hard your fluffy baby plays), and the balls always stay on the track, so you won’t lose them under the furniture.

#5 OurPets Pounce House

OurPets Pounce House

If you are looking for cat toys for self play, then this tent and a stick of feathers will be an excellent solution. This retractable tent has a motorized feather toy on top that attracts your cat’s attention to jump. When the weather does not deteriorate, the tent turns into a beautiful cat bed.

#6 Best for Promoting Exercise

Best for Promoting Exercise

Best for Promoting Exercise

If you are looking for cat toys for when you are not home, then this toy is a good choice for your cat.This toy is a three-way tunnel, which is the perfect outlet for cat zooms. Each hole is 11 inches in size, which is big enough even if your cat is fat. The kit also includes a built-in ringing ball and a toy with catnip to stimulate the game time.

#7 SmartyKat Loco Motion Electric Cat Toy

SmartyKat Loco Motion Electric Cat Toy

Just turn on the toy and your cat will never get bored. The toy has a built-in battery-powered motor that rotates a stick of feathers randomly simulating the movement of prey. The toy turns off automatically after 2 hours of play and the speed is adjusted by turning the handle. You can also easily change the wand if the cat messes it up.

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