Cat toys for anxious cats 2023

Best cat toys for bored cats Amazon

Looking for cat toys for anxious cats ? Whether it’s your senior cat lounging on the sofa while chewing on a catnip-filled mousie or your new kitten racing at breakneck speed through the house chasing a plastic ball—cats absolutely need toys and playgrounds. Play is essential to their health and happiness. The good news for cat owners everywhere is that there are a lot of great interactive cat toys for anxious cats on the market, both for play together and to help keep your friend busy when your hands are full.

The toy that the cat plays with the most is the one that is considered to be the greatest. However, it may take some trial and error to determine the kind of toy that your particular cat prefers. It is our recommendation that you begin by purchasing a modest variety of various kinds of toys, and then increase your investment after you have determined which ones are used often and which ones are discarded.

Some cats, for instance, are known as “fetchers” because they have the habit of dragging their favored toy all around the home with them. Some may show off their capture by bringing a toy to show it off to you. Some people store their toys under their mattresses, while others put them away in closets. One of our cats managed to conceal twenty of its toys under the cushioning of our sofa. It’s common for a fetcher to prefer plush and crinkle toys, but they’ll play with just about anything that’s portable and not too heavy.

Some popular cat toys for anxious cats , particularly kicker toys, come in unusual forms. These toys often resemble mice and other types of prey that cats could catch in the wild. It doesn’t seem to bother cats; in fact, our friend Becky’s Bombay is quite interested in potholders. Again, go figure. If you have a kicker on your hands, a nice place to begin is collecting some large, floppy, and soft toys.

Except for Toby, most of my cats prefer to scratch and find that using scratching posts helps them alleviate their ennui. He is very obsessed with this specific magic wand toy. Wand toys often need either you or another person to wave them about in order to be entertaining, but two of my cats are quite content to bat the mouse or feathers around on their own, and will sometimes drag the whole wand toy around the house while making a racket.

If your cat enjoys playing with laser pointers or LED light pointers, bear in mind that you will need to be there in order to operate the pointer in a safe manner for both of them. Additionally, experts warn that despite the fact that cats like following the small red light very much, they might get agitated if they are unable to successfully capture it. They suggest that you complete a session with a laser toy by giving the cat a toy that it can catch effectively.

Cat toys for anxious cats 2022


#1 MidWest Catty Scratch

MidWest Catty Scratch



The majority of cats need some kind of surface on which to sharpen their claws, and the MidWest Cat Scratcher with Catnip comes highly recommended. Because you can switch it over when one side becomes worn out, the two-sided scratcher has a lifespan that is twice as long as those of its competitors. It also comes with catnip, which you may sprinkle on the scratcher if you like, in order to distract cats who like to scratch furniture from using it as a scratching post.

Principal Attributes:

  • Produced entirely from materials that have been recycled
  • Dual-sided for increased longevity
  • Slim 18″ x 8.75″ footprint

#2 GoCat Da Bird Play Rod and Bird

Best toys for anxious cats 2022

 GoCat Da Bird Play Rod and Bird


This time-honored wand toy is a crowd pleaser, and many spoiled cats will play with nothing else but this item. We can see why; Rover kitties JoJo and Pickles were mesmerized by the movements of the clump of feathers at the end, which resembled that of a bird. The wand itself is long-lasting, but the feathers will eventually lose their fluttery quality just as everything else would. Fortunately, new feathers can be purchased at an affordable price. To prevent an inquisitive cat from playing until it is too tired to continue, pet owners advise putting it away while it is not in use.

Principal Attributes:

  • 36-inch diameter pole
  • Produced in the United States
  • Bumblebees, dragonflies, and other critters may be swapped out for the replaceable extensions.

#3 Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish

Cool cat toys for anxious cats 2022

Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish


This well-known electrical flopping fish cat toy has become a phenomenon on the internet, with almost 14,000 reviews on Amazon giving it five stars out of five. The rechargeable interactive toy won’t be a hit with every cat, but it has the potential to elicit powerful responses and dedicated followers from certain feline owners. If your cat isn’t one of those cats, you may try shutting it off and using it as a standard kicking toy instead. That’s how Peaty, the test cat for Rover, fell in love with it.

Principal Attributes:

  • Сharged by USB
  • Model improved in 2022 to have a charge that lasts for a longer period of time
  • Includes catnip

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