Best toys for teacup dogs 2022

Firstly, it is worth noting that not all toys are suitable for small dogs. If you have a miniature dog, then you can’t just take any toy. It can damage your pet. In this blog we will share and talk about the best toys for teacup dogs and show you everything.

What are best toys for teacup dogs, and does your pup need one?


Everything seems to be clear: a small dog needs a small toy. At first, this may seem like an unconvincing reason, but small dogs have their own unique problems that large ones do not have.

For this reason, small breeds like Shih Tzu and Pugs need their own unique dog toys.

Firstly, small dogs are not as strong as large ones. Usually by comparing small dogs with a German Shepherd, you can understand the complexity of the situation.

All this is very important to take into account, since, for example, some chewing toys made of hard rubber are designed for larger breeds. And if your dog can’t pick up or chew these toys, then consequently they won’t play with them.

If you are going to buy best toys for teacup dogs, you need to take into account that small dogs have a small mouth. The toy should be small enough for the dog to carry around.

Best toys for teacup dogs 2022


#1 Hide-A-Squirrel Junior

Best squeaky toy for small dogs

Hide-A-Squirrel Junior

If your little dog chases squirrels every time you go out for a walk, then he will like Hide-A-Squirrel Junior from Outward Hound. You just need to load each squirrel into the hole in the log and provide the toy to your dog. Believe me, this toy will entertain your pet well. Your dog will cover every hole with its muzzle to grab the squirrels.

Best squeaky toy for small dogs

Each squirrel squeaks when pressed, which will perfectly attract your dog’s attention. So you can even give the puppy one squirrel to play with.

#2 Skinny Peltz

Best stuffing-free plush toy for small dogs

Skinny Peltz

If you are looking for the best toys for teacup dogs with value for money, then ZippyPaws Skinny Pants will be a great solution. They are sold in a pack of 3 pieces, and the game will not stop if your puppy breaks one.

The advantage of these toys is that they do not contain fillings, they are completely fabric. This means that if the puppy breaks these toys, then there will be no mess in your house.

Maybe you won’t see it from the photo, but these toys are flat. Despite this, they are great for small dogs. Skinny Peltz is not suitable for chewing like the rest of the plush toys. But they are great for playing pull and pull, as the seams hold well.

#3 West Paw Jive- Best fetch ball for small dogs

Best toys for teacup dogs

 Best fetch ball for small dogs

It’s no secret that West Paw Jive is a favorite DogLab game. This toy is made in the USA, which is very durable, which allows you to wash it in the dishwasher. West Paw Jive is an excellent solution for throwing balls, it floats in water and can be thrown a long distance.

The good weight of the ball allows it to fly long distances. But this weight makes the ball suitable for playing only in the open air. In order to throw the ball a long distance, you will have to purchase a small ball thrower that accepts 2 inch balls.

West Paw Jive

For those who need the best toys for teacup dogs, this ball is a pretty good solution. West Paw Jive is one of the durable balls for dogs.

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