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Looking for best interactive parrot toys ? If you now own a parrot or have ever done so in the past, you are aware of how much of a passion parrots have for chewing. This natural behavior of theirs, which includes chewing, is nothing to be concerned about since it is both healthy and typical. The powerful beak of a parrot, especially one as large as a macaw, can easily destroy practically any soft toy. Macaws are among the largest species of parrot.

The force of a typical parrot bite can range anywhere from 300 to 400 pounds per square inch (PSI). In order to put this into perspective, the typical biting force of a person is around 162 PSI. This is the reason why parrots can easily break their way through nuts and seeds (and toys!) whereas we humans are unable to do so. This biting is a habit that has been passed down through generations, and it helps maintain their beaks healthy and powerful. Because of this, keeping your feathered buddy in captivity requires that you provide them with a parrot toy of sufficient quality.

Finding the proper best interactive parrot toys for your parrot might be challenging due to the extensive selection of options now available in the market. Because of this, we’ve compiled this list of in-depth evaluations to assist you in whittling down the available possibilities and selecting the most appropriate toy for your pet parrot as well as your personal requirements.

Best interactive parrot toys 2023


#1 Super Bird Creations 4 Way Play Bird Toy

Super Bird Creations 4 Way Play Bird Toy


The Super Bird Creations 4 Way Play Bird Toy is our top selection for the finest parrot toy overall. This toy offers a variety of different ways for your bird to play. Your feathery friend will have everything they need to fight against boredom with this toy, and it will also help offer the essential cerebral and physical stimulation for them. It comes with an extensive collection of brightly colored wooden blocks, ropes, and beads, all of which are fastened to a sturdy PVC core. Your parrot will be able to play on the toy by climbing about on it and choosing whatever part of it it wants to gnaw on because it is suspended from the cage.

You may have peace of mind knowing that your darling bird is not swallowing any toxic chemicals or plastics thanks to the fact that all of the supplied materials are perfectly safe for birds to use. It is simple to hang with a heavy-duty chain and comes in a range of colors and patterns that will keep your feathery friend occupied for hours on end.

This toy is best suited for medium birds with small beaks or smaller parrots; nevertheless, a large bird such as a macaw, African grey, or another similar-sized bird would go through it in no time. Toys like these are likely to be destroyed in a couple of days by parrots with particularly big beaks.

#2 Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Bird Toy

Best interactive parrot toys

Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Bird Toy


Planet Pleasures’ Pineapple Foraging Bird Toy is the most entertaining and educational toy for parrots that money can buy. Because it is produced entirely from natural materials and is available at a very reasonable price, you won’t have to worry about your parrot accidentally consuming any harmful substances when playing with this toy. The fact that the toy has nooks and crannies in which goodies may be concealed will entice your pet parrot to search for them, helping to relieve both boredom and anxiety. This toy is handcrafted, made entirely of natural materials, and has fibrous components that are ideal for training your parrot’s beak and will contribute to its overall health.

However, despite its low price, this toy won’t be able to keep your child entertained for very long. Even the smallest parrots can shred it up in a matter of minutes, while larger parrots may do it in a matter of hours. This product’s poor durability prevents us from placing it in the top spot.

#3 Penn-Plax Birds Wood Playpen

Best interactive parrot toys

Penn-Plax Birds Wood Playpen


This wood playpen by Penn-Plax is a full-fledged fitness center for your feathered friends. Small to medium-sized parrots will benefit from both the physical activity and mental stimulation provided by the toy, which has 100% cotton ropes, colorful wooden benches, ladder swings, copper bells, and acrylic toys. It takes very little time to put together, and once it’s done, it can be fastened to the top of your pet parrot’s cage to provide it with hours of amusement. Because the components of the toy as well as the adhesive that is included in the package are non-toxic, you do not need to worry about your parrot becoming sick from biting or chewing on this item. Larger birds will be comfortable in their environment thanks to the solid structure and ample space provided by this perch.

Several customers have reported that the glue that is given is not strong enough, thus it is likely that you will need to use a different brand that is more powerful in order to hold the components together. It has been observed that the pieces do not fit up properly in certain instances, with several of the hole inserts having an incorrect alignment. Because of this, you might need to come up with some creative solutions in order to put it together in the right way. This aggravating feature prevents it from moving into one of the top two spots on our list.

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